Healthy Snacks for Child

In the contemporary times, it is the snack food that is sailing smoothly everywhere. But instead that your child consumes unhealthy high calorie fast food snacks, it is preferable to check out some healthy low calorie child snack ideas. These days, as kids are becoming more and more conscious about their figure, magazines and websites are flooded with recipes, offering simple snack food ideas for kids.

Here is presented a list depicting healthy snacks for child:

* Dried fruit and nut mix
* Fresh or canned vegetables or fruit served plain or with low-fat yogurt
* Chopped raw vegetables and dip
* Pretzels or popcorn
* Toasted whole grain breads
* Soy yogurt
* Tofu hot dogs
* Chunks of avocado, cucumber, or cooked sweet potato
* Small rice cakes with peanut butter
* Fresh soybeans
* Homemade muffins or cornbread