Home Made Baby Healthy Food

Do not feed home-prepared spinach, beets, turnips, carrots, or
collard greens to babies under 6 months old. These types of
home-prepared vegetables may contain large amounts of nitrates
or nitrites which could make babies under 6 months of age sick.

• Select high quality fresh vegetables and fruits or plain frozen
vegetables and fruits (without added salt or sauces). Canned
fruits without added sugar or canned vegetables without added
salt can be used. If frozen or canned foods are used, make
sure to check the ingredient list.

• Wash fresh vegetables and fruits very well with clean cold
running water to remove dirt. Remove pits, seeds, skins, and
inedible peels from fruits and some vegetables. Edible skins
and peels can be removed either before or after cooking.

• When cooking is needed to soften a food’s texture, cook the
vegetables or fruits either by boiling in a covered saucepan
with a small amount of water or steaming in a saucepan until
just tender enough to be pureed or mashed or eaten as a finger
food. learn to choose nutrient dense prepared baby foods.

appreciate cost effectiveness of homemade baby foods.

learn how to prepare, store, and reheat homemade baby foods.

learn some important safety rules to follow while preparing baby food at home

Baby food recipes 1

You will require ½ cup of suji, 1 tablespoon on oil, mustard seeds, onions (optional), boiled and diced vegetables (optional) and buttermilk (optional). You can also add other vegetables for taste and nutrition, such as onions, peas and carrots. First saute mustard seeds, onions and boiled vegetables (optional) in oil. Then add suji and lightly fry for a few minutes. Once brown, you can add either 1 glass of water or 1 glass of butter milk (make sure it is not very sour) and keep stirring. Once well cooked, remove from gas, season with corriander leaves and serve warm. Remember that upma becomes lumpy very quickly, so make only when the child is ready to eat. Reheating upma ruins the consistency.

Baby food recipes 2

You will require ½ cup of suji, 3-4 tablespoons of sugar and 3 cups of milk. First boil the milk and then add suji. Cook it on slow fire, and keep stirring (to prevent lumps) until the consistency is semi-solid. Then add sugar to the suji. Garnish with powdered badaam or elaichi. Cool and serve warm.

Dalia can be made with vegetables or without vegetables. The advantage of making it with vegetables is that the child also gets some essential vitamins and minerals.
Baby food recipes 3
Dalia without vegetables
Start with equal quantities of wheat dalia and lentil. Add dalia to boiling water and cook it for some time (until half-cooked). Then add lentil until both the dalia and lentil are well-cooked. You can add salt and butter to taste.

Baby food recipes 4
Dalia with vegetables
Dalia is prepared in the same fashion as above. Except instead of cooking only dalia, you can also cook other vegetables like potatoes, onions, peas and any other green vegetables with it. You can also season it with sauted garlic or ginger.

Baby Spinach Salad Recipe
1 packet baby spinach salad
1 large cucumber
2 large tomatoes
2 hot peppers
10 almonds
grapes or oranges
black olives - canned

For the dressing:
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
½ cup orange juice
1/2 tsp garam masala
1/2 tsp each ginger and garlic paste
salt, sugar, black pepper powder and chilli powder to taste

Method :
Mix the salad ingredients.
Separately mix the dressing very well and pour over salad.