Cold During Pregnancy: What Remedies To Use During Pregnancy

Colds are generally a bothersome illness for which most people indulge in a little self-medication. Pregnant women suffer from a sluggish immune system and hence the enlarged mucus membranes during the pregnancy make it difficult to get over the cold easily. When pregnant, it is important to avoid any kind of self medication as it also has a direct effect on your child. It is of paramount importance to check with your physician or gynaecologist to make sure that the remedies will not affect the baby.

Remedies For Cold During Pregnancy
Colds have a tendency to make one tired and getting as much rest as possible is necessary. A clogged nose may cause difficulty in sleeping and it would be a good idea to sleep propped up with two pillows to make breathing easier. Steam inhalation, either plain steam or with a few drops of eucalyptus or peppermint oil added will not only relieve the blockage but cure the head ache as well. Saline drops are a safe remedy as they are drug free and can be used two to three times a day. It is important to prevent dehydration in pregnant women and the daily fluid intake has to be increased. Drink plenty of water as well as fruit juices which have high vitamin C content. At home you can brew a concoction with warm water, the juice of half a lemon and some honey to soothe the blocked nose and sore throat when pregnant. Salt water gargle is a popularly prescribed remedy and can be done twice a day. If you are not nauseated by onions or garlic, you can season your food with them liberally or crush them and have a teaspoon of their juice once a day. You may even add a little honey to it if you feel that the taste is too strong.

Having said this, it is always better to prevent an infection by staying away from infected people. Women who work as teachers and health care workers are highly susceptible to infections and should hence follow certain rules of hygiene. You should wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap after returning home from outside and especially, each time after having been in contact with an infected person. Zinc and vitamin supplements are likely to keep your immune system up and you can consult your doctor over their dosage or whether you need them at all. If the cold does not abate after a week, consult your doctor to rule out allergies and sinusitis related problems.