Food Nutrition Pyramid

Food nutrition pyramid lays down some basic guidelines regarding the kind of food that the kids should consume. Nutrition pyramid guide for kids basically focuses on five distinctive food groups. Each food group is indicated by a different color in the nutrition pyramid, like orange color is for grains, red indicates fruits, purple represents proteins, yellow is for fats and oil, blue stands for dairy and other calcium products and finally green is meant for vegetables. Read further to take a note of healthy food pyramid guidelines…

Every food item that is mentioned in the food pyramid consists of some different nutrients mix. So, it becomes of prime importance to cook different kinds of foods for your kids, so that they get all essential nutrients required by the body. Regular exercise and healthy balanced food is what is required to ensure their health fitness.

The nutrition content of particular foods is likely to vary, when they are put to use, while preparing different dishes. For example apple serves as an excellent after school snack, but if you make apple pie, now the same nutritious apples are used in such a manner that eating that very dish contains high sugar and fat content, which if consumed in excess quantities, can cause weight gain.

Grains, a major source of complex carbohydrates, are very necessary for your child, as they provide the majority of energy. So, give your child foods like bread, cereals, rice etc. Vitamins and minerals are vital for the child's growth. Fiber helps in ensuring smooth bowel function. Vegetables are the perfect source of vitamins and minerals, but don't fry vegetables, prefer going in for cooking methods like steaming and boiling.

Eating raw fruits is an excellent idea to provide them with vitamin A and C. Fruits provide a dual advantage, on one hand, they are filling and appetite satisfying and on the other hand, they are extremely beneficial for your child's health. Dairy products encompassing milk, cheese, yogurt and other milk products are important sources of vitamin A, D, calcium and protein.

Calcium is necessary for your child, as it leads to strengthening of their bones and muscles and paves way for their healthy growth. Vitamin A is good for skin, hair and eyes. Fats and oils are also requisite to maintain your child's health fitness, but offer your child only smaller quantities of fatty foods. So, follow these nutrition pyramid guidelines and witness your child growing in a healthy manner.

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