Advantages Of Aloe Vera (kalabanda)

Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant which belongs to the family of Cactus. There are several varieties of this plant but only one particular variety is used for medicinal purposes. The medicinal reputation of Aloe Vera dates back to many thousand years. The Latin word Vera meaning true was added to this particular species of Aloe plant to distinguish it from the rest of the aloe plants. Only this particular species has the therapeutic properties. The medicinal properties of the Aloe Vera plant have been re-discovered recently. But it is one of the age old natural remedies used by our ancestors. Aloe Vera is a truly magical herb.

The properties:-

* Antibiotic Property - Aloe Vera plant products have been produced for the treatment of various skin ailments. The Aloe Vera gel has many therapeutic healing properties. It has a unique mixture of antibiotic, analgesic, growth stimulating and astringent properties. The Aloe Vera gel is therefore effectively used for treatment of sun burns, burn injuries, Scarring of the skin, and also for healing of cuts, wounds and scratches. The antibiotic properties of this gel helps in the treatment of other skin diseases such as Eczema, dry skin diseases, and other allergic conditions. I t can also be used in treatment of insect bites, stings and other skin inflammations.
* Analgesic Property - Another very useful property of this Aloe Vera gel is its pain healing or analgesic effect. The Aloe Vera gel is used in reducing pain during dental treatments. It can be effectively used in treatment of mouth ulcers, sores, blisters. It provides quick relief of pain after dental surgical procedures. Aloe Vera is also used for pain healing purposes in the treatment of piles and Hemorrhoids. Aloe Vera also helps to improve digestion and absorption and elimination of food.
* Growth Stimulating Property- Aloe Vera gel has enzyme in it which stimulate the growth and formation of new cells. The Aloe Vera gel has the capability to penetrate the outer layer of the skin and it removes the dead cells caused by the infection. The enzymes present in the gel, help in the formation of new cells around the infection and thus heals the part. This property of Aloe Vera makes it a good choice for the treatment of burns. Burn injuries heal miraculously faster when aloe gel is used. Aloe Vera is effectively used treatment of pains associated with Arthritis and other rheumatic pains.

Other Characteristics

* COSMETICS- All these magical properties of Aloe Vera makes it suitable in developing various cosmetic products. The present cosmetic industry has launched several Aloe Vera products for removing scars, blemishes, pigmentation spots, bruise marks, blotches and wrinkles. Many people have benefited by these products. These Aloe Vera products have helped women to look younger.
* LAXATIVE- Aloe Vera gel also acts as a mild laxative. I t can be used in the treatment of chronic constipation and for treatment of Ulcers. The gel inhibits the secretion of hydrochloric acid by the mucosa of the stomach thus helps in healing of ulcers.