Water Hyssop or Bacop Monnieri is a beautiful perennial sound along the muddy shores of wetlands in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan, and some parts of Florida. The leaves of this particular plant have the most medicinal uses than any other part of the plant. Bacopa Monnieri is identified by the small white petal flowers that grow near under water. It is still used in India today to adorn newborns in hopes that it will be bring great intelligence and thus happiness.

Bacopa Monnieri or Brahmi has been a standard of Ayurveda Medicine since the 6th century. Used since then as enhancer for mental healthy including memory, learning, and energy. This herb that is used in Indian medicine to treat any diseases of the nervous system. Researchers believe that Brahmi contains chemicals which help nerve impulses transmit faster and smoother.

In modern medicine Bacopa Monnieri has always found a place, and is used in the treatment of the following:

1. Epilepsy
2. Mental Illness
3. Improved Memory

There have been many medical researcher projects which have centered around the use and efficiency of Bacopa Monnieri. They show that Bacopa when taking in moderate doses can increase the ability to learn in lab animals. Human studies suggest that Bacop Monnieri works well to reduce anxiety, painic, and social anxiety disorder. It also increases energy and boost the ability to learn and retain information in children. Brahmini also have some anti-oxidant qualities which fight against the aging process. In 1960s a study also shows that the usage of Bacopi in epileptic seizures helped reduced the frequency of seizures over several years.

There are several dosage ranges which include:

1. Range of Dosage 50-150 mg TID
2. Common Dosage 100 mg BID

Well Brahmi is a naturally occurring herb, it is used as a drug and can be equally deadly and dangerous as any traditional treatment. There are several precautions that should be considered when taking Bacopa Monnieri:

* While there is no research that suggests that Bacopa Monnieri is dangerous for use during pregnancy or breast feeding. While no adverse effects have been seen it is important to consult your family doctor and cease taking Brahmi until a medical profession gives the go ahead.
* Again, there are no studies that suggest the children will have adverse effects to Bacopa Monnieri however it is important to note that children often have undocumented allergies or medical conditions that could counter react with Brahmi, always consult a doctor when attempting to treat children with Brahmi.