kerala Ayurveda Treatment - Hypertension Remedy

Basically when it comes to an Ayurvedic diet to reduce the causes of hypertension, there is only really one word you need to remember to follow and that is low.

Low blood pressure, low cholesterol, eat foods that are low in saturated fat, anything in actual fact that is the opposite of high.

You should also keep your bodyweight as low as possible as leanness keeps the blood pressure low and if that’s low then all the lows stated above that you need will follow.

Foods to avoid

* Meat
* Eggs
* Salt

These all increase protein which in turn increases body mass.

You should also moderate caffeine intake and cease smoking all together, as both induce an adrenalin rush which heightens blood pressure.
Ayurvedic diet.

Meat is a high protein foodstuff and as such is bad for conditions such as hypertension. So really you should follow a vegetarian diet as strictly as you are able.