kerala Ayurveda Treatment - Leukemia Remedy

Ayurvedic Remedy for Leukemia

There is no absolute remedy for leukemia, all that the sufferer can do is hope to make it recede and the Ayurvedic philosophies can assist in achieving this.

Ayurvedic practices healing and natural repair to the damaged tissue or organs and to rebalance the three elements vata, pitta and kapha until health is restored.

A good, balanced healthy diet is a good starting point and foodstuffs such as raw fruit, green salad, raw vegetables etc can act as agents to purify the noxious toxins in the digestive system. Once purification begins then the tissue can begin repair until it is strong enough to fight off impure cells.

A less stressful life and more leisure time and even sleep also give the body enough time to relax and allow essential maintenance. All the traits related to stress and lack of sleep produce ama and should be avoided at all costs.

Yoga is at the heart of many of the Ayurvedic teachings and is particularly crucial to fight against Leukemia.