Uses Of Garlic

Garlic is a fine herb and a king of the culinary scene. The chances are you are only aware of it's pungent delicious flavor that enlightens even the drabbest cooking, but as you tuck into that moorish slice of garlic bread you feel you probably shouldn't have, you may not realize just how much good it's doing you, so the next time you are faced with that dilemma just eat it!!! And let the natural goodness of garlic ooze through your body.

Of course the best thing about garlic is that it is easily added to cooking, so unless you have a natural aversion to it or are a vampire!!, there is no reason why you can't mix it in with your food according to taste, as even the tiniest amount will do you some good. The best method is to take the garlic bulbs and crush them finely. However if a fresh garlic is not readily to hand then there are numerous powdered garlic's in the shops for even simpler addition, though not as obviously as good or as naturally high in healthy properties as the real thing, they still contain enough goodness to do the job.

And if that isn't enough then there are also easily ingestible garlic capsules that should be taken as a supplement once or twice a day, depending on the advice of a medical practioneer.

Garlic capsules do also have the benefit of not giving you "garlic breath", probably one of the only downsides to regular garlic consumption!! When you swallow.

Garlic is a proven tonic in the repair of nerve endings, the workings of the coronary system, as a general pick me up for nervous debility and for sexual impotency.

In more specific terms it should be taken to:

* Lower cholesterol levels
* Reduce the risk of both high blood pressure and blood clots
* Produce the healthy red cells that can fight and kill things such as tumours
* Regulate the workings of the stomach and the whole digestive tract
* Ensures the smoothing running and flow of the blood circulation

These are battles that any of us are constantly fighting and thus garlic should be ingested regularly to combat them.

But garlic can also fight off diseases and complaints such as,

* Whooping cough
* Earache
* Flatuance
* Colic
* Fertility problems
* Conditions caused by a lack of minerals in the body
* Intestinal worms and other similar parasites

If garlic is not a regular staple of your diet and you are struck down by one of these afflictions, you are strongly advised to ingest garlic in whatever form for at least as long as the condition remains.

The reason for all this goodness and ability to create well-being is the appearance of Allicin within garlic. This main property of the herb has the amazing ability to fight infection once it has been ingested into the body. It can do this because it has the strength to block off all unhealthy enzymes in the body and in doing so prevents them taking hold in the body and spreading.

Garlic is such a wonderful curing herb that if it wasn't natural you'd have to invent it, and probably make a fortune by doing so!!