Uses Of Gulggul- Bedellium

Guggul is a resin obtained from Mukul myrrhh tree. This resin has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. Guggul is extracted from the exudates of the Mukul tree and tit contains several organic substances such as phytosterols named as Guggulsterones, organic acids, several aromatic acids, terpenes, fatty acid alcohols. It is one of the most famous herbs used for therapeutic purposes all over the world. The mode of action this herb is wide and therefore has a wide therapeutic range.
The Properties of the Herb

1. Cholesterol controlling effect- Guggul is known to an effective fat burning drug. It is used as an effective medicine for controlling Obesity and blood cholesterol. This herb is well known for its cholesterol lowering effects. The active components of the Guggul extract are Z-guggulsterone and E-guggulsterone. It helps to reduce the total lipid content of the blood. It helps to maintain a healthy HDL to LDL ratio. Studies have shown that herb guggul lowers the blood cholesterol levels up to 25% and triglyceride levels up to 30%. Guggul promotes the action of liver for elimination or breakdown of bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol. A significant drop in cholesterol levels was observed after taking this drug for a period of 12 weeks. I t also helps to increase the good cholesterol or HDL levels in the body. Several research studies have documented the lipid regulating properties of this herb. Guggul has been effectively used for protection against Atherosclerosis.
2. Immune modulating effect- Guggul has a wide range of therapeutic effects. I t is known to enhance the immunity of the body against infections. It is useful in protecting the body against common cold, skin infections, dental and eye infections.
3. Guggul is also been effectively used for treatment of arthritis. Studies have shown that Guggul can also be used to prevent heart attacks. Guggul also stimulates the functioning of thyroid glands there by increasing the metabolic rate of the body.
4. Anti oxidant activity- Guggul sterones also exhibit antioxidant activity. They help in maintaining the levels of free radical scavenger enzyme Superoxide dismutase in higher levels. This enzyme helps in eliminating the free radicals from the body. Thus it helps to prevent damage of heart muscle.

Side Effects

Some of the possible side effects of Guggul are restlessness, diarrhea, and hiccups. Skin rashes may occur rarely. Guggul can also cause increased menstrual discharge in women. It acts as a uterine stimulant and therefore not advisable to be used during pregnancy. Patients who are on other prescribed medication for heart diseases should use this herb with precaution only after discussing with their doctors. The recommended dosage of Guggul sterones is 25mg 2-3 times per day. Guggul sterone capsules are available world wide in all the health food stores.