Advantages Of Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits which are also called as acid fruits have many therapeutic benefits due to their detoxifying nature. Citrus fruits belong to the family called Rutaceae. Citrus fruit trees are also called as ornamental trees as they give rise to the citrus fruits of various forms and sizes ranging from small to large and round to oval.

Citrus fruits are very well known for their flavor, fragrance and juiciness. This may be because of the presence of citric acid, flavonoids and limonoids. These fruits are very much rich in Vitamin C content.

Though the exact location of origin of citrus fruits is not known, it is believed that they originated around 8000 years ago somewhere near South-East Asia. Now these fruits are produced in many countries and rank first in international fresh citrus fruits trade. Spain is one of the leading countries known for supplying these fruits.

Types of Citrus Fruits

There are innumerable types of citrus fruits ranging from small to large ones. It’s not possible to list out all of them, but most common ones are listed below.

* Lemon-It is one of the most common citrus fruits, which is oval or round in shape, yellow or green in color and having a juicy acidic flesh. Lemons are very much rich in vitamins and are used in many soft drinks like lemonade.
* Orange-It is round in shape, reddish-yellow in color with a thick skin. It is high in citric acid and vitamins. Oranges can be consumed fresh, used in soft drinks or made into a juice.
* Lime-It is an oval-shaped, small bright green citrus fruit rich in acidic and vitamin content. It is also used in many summer drinks.
* Leech Lime-It is an oval-shaped, yellow or green colored citrus fruit slightly bigger than lime. Leech lime juice can be drunk by mixing it with water and sugar.
* Grapefruit-It is a round-shaped, large yellow citrus fruit with acid juicy pulp. It can be eaten raw or used in preparing marmalades.
* Citron-It is a yellowish-green colored, large lemonlike citrus fruit with a thick peel. The preserved and candied citron peel is used in fruitcakes, cookery and confectionery.
* Kumquat-It is a small, oval-shaped, orange-yellow citrus fruit with thin sweet edible peel and acidic flesh. It can be eaten fresh or even eaten raw with the edible peel.
* Mandarin Orange-It is a small, reddish-orange colored, loose-skinned citrus fruit. It can be eaten fresh or used as a sweetener in grapefruit juices.
* Pummelo-It is large, pear-shaped, yellow colored citrus fruit with coarse dry pulp. It is similar to grapefruit and is called father of grapefruits due to its large size.
* Tangerine-It is a type of mandarin orange having an orange-red color and citrus taste.

Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are consumed not only because of their taste but also because of the beneficial effects they have on the health. There are various health benefits associated with the consumption of citrus fruits, as they are low in fat, free of cholesterol and sodium.

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C content, acidic content and are good sources of minerals, carbohydrates and fibers. They also contain essential nutrients like calcium, copper, folate, potassium, magnesium, niacin and vitamin B6 required for the proper functioning of the body.

Citrus fruits have several medicinal and nutritive properties, which help in treating or fighting against several diseases. Citrus fruits like lemons may help in reducing the pain caused due to bee stings. Some types of citrus fruits may help in reducing the risk of cancers and heart diseases. Orange, which is a rich source of vitamin C can prevent scurvy, caused due to vitamin C deficiency.

Some types of citrus fruits are sources of essential oils, which are used in perfumes and other cosmetic products.

Citrus fruits don’t have any negative effects on the health, but should be avoided if you are suffering from cold and flu as they can make you sicker. Also, some people may have problems with the consumption of citrus fruits due to the presence of acidic content.