Diabetes Health Food

Diabetes is such a disease which can create a mess in your life, if not handled properly. It is such a disease which not only accompanies you throughout the rest of your life but also affects other parts and organs of your body and gives birth to different diseases and illnesses, making it really tough to lead a normal and active life. Since our fast and busy lives need us to remain healthy and active to shoulder all our responsibilities, thus it becomes essential to take care of yourself properly, specially if you have diabetes.

One of the most important things to take care of is your diet. If you are on a wrong diet, not only will it have adverse effect on your diabetes but also your entire lifestyle. So it is important to know, understand and remember about the right kind of food that you should intake while having diabetes.

Basically there are a few categories of food that should be avoided completely if you want to keep a check on your glucose levels. Anything which is sweet in taste, has high sugar or glucose content, or has carbohydrate, or is produced under the ground should be avoided strictly. Junk food is also restricted for you if you are diabetic. Any food item which has a good amount of oil is a no – no. Aerated drinks or ready – to - drink items are also harmful for you and so is alcohol. So all this means that you can not take that scoop of your favorite ice-cream, or can not take a bite of that chocolate bar.

Fruits like Mango,Dates,Watermelon,Strawberry,Coconut,Banana all are in the “not to be eaten” list. Vegetables such as Potato, Carrot and other items which are produced beneath the ground can not be considered for eating as well.