History of Bittergourd

Karela or Bitter Gourd, Bitter Melon has many health benefits. The main being regulate the blood sugar and hence it is very good for diabetic patients.These are few sites that give good information about bitter gourd and home remedies using them.

Bitter melon has many therapeutic properites. It is packed with nutrients and health benefits. Due to these constituents, bitter melon is quite widely used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Research studies have shown that bitter gourd contains hypoglycemic principles in it and thus it helps to lowers the blood sugar levels just like insulin.It is useful in reducing hypertension, eye disorder and cough and enchancing digestion, metabolism and immunity. The juice of bitter guard is used for relieving constipation.

Bitter melon is noted to be an effective component in herbal medicine, and the fruit is known to help treat, or alleviate the symptoms of rheumatism and gout and ailments of the spleen and liver.Bitter gourd is a blood purifier, activates spleen and liver and is highly beneficial in diabetes.