Sword bean

"Sword Bean" and variants redirect here. This term is also used for other legumes, notably the Common Jack-bean.

Canavalia gladiata, usually called Sword Bean, is a domesticated plant species in the legume (Fabaceae) family.

The fruits are eaten as a vegetable in Africa and Asia

There are two types of sword bean based on seed colour. White seeded varieties are bushy in nature whereas red seeded varieties are trailed over pandals. Pole type varieties are to be planted at a spacing of 4 x 3 m whereas bush type varieties are to be planted at 60 x 60 cm. May-June and September-October are the usual sowing time and the seed rate followed is one or two seeds per pit. FYM is applied at the rate of 5 t/ha. The N: P2O5: K2O mixture (7:10:5) may be applied as basal dose and top dressing at several splits. There is no serious pest or disease incidence in the crop. Average yield is 10-15 kg per plant.