Effects of an unhealthy Diet on Skin

Diet plays an important role in our daily lives. If we eat right then we maintain good health. Good health means more vitality and we can carry out our daily chores better. Our diet must contain a lot of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals so that our body is kept healthy. Malnutrition can lead to serious diseases. There is lot of effects of an unhealthy diet on skin and we are going to discuss some of them later in the article.

Unhealthy diet must be avoided. One must be very conscious of what they eat. Both young and old must take care of their food habits. When we are young we can eat all kinds of foods. As we grow older we must definitely be careful of what we eat. We have to avoid certain foods.

Proper nourishment is very essential, or else one will develop serious illnesses. If one eats well then one is physically and mentally in good shape. He or she is very alert and adept in carrying out their responsibilities in workplace.

Many people these days are going in for fast foods or rather junk foods. These are not good for health. They contain a lot of fast and carbohydrates and one can out on weight. Also oily foods are not good for the skin.

Unhealthy diet not only play havoc with our body functioning, but also affects our skin. In what way you may ask. Let us have a look:

How unhealthy diet affects skin?

* One can develop wrinkles early.
* Skin is very pale.
* Diet that lacks in nutrients such as calcium, niacin, folic acid, copper can affect one’s skin tone.
* The vegetables and fruits must be properly cleaned in order to ensure proper hygiene.
* In case the diet is deficient of Vitamin B such as brewer’s yeast or perhaps bread helps in getting rid of skin discoloration, shallow skin, dermatitis as well as premature ageing.
* Vitamin A that is found in citrus foods as well as oranges helps in getting rid of dry skin as well as blemishes.
* Proper hydration is essential for a healthy skin.
* One can take plenty of water.
* Organic foods must be taken to avoid toxins in the body. Raw as well steamed vegetables are very good for the skin.
* Oily, cold water ocean fish is good.
* Flax seeds and flax seed oil is also very good.
* One must take raw organic seeds.
* One can have small quantity of whole-grain foods. One can also have raw organic nuts such as almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts.
* Extra virgin oil is also very good. One can also take macadamia nut oil as well.
* Fresh organic fruits are very good.
* Greasy snacks are not very good for the skin.
* One must avoid processed high fat foods.
* Soft drinks and high sugar foods must not be taken.
* One must not take baked foods as white bread and pasta.