Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

It is an annual plant which grows some where between 50 to 100 cms (2-3 feet) tall and is a flowering plant. The flowers are whitish and purple in color. They are native to the sub-saharan Africa. It was also domesticated in India as well.

The term sesame is derived from Latin sesamum, borrowed from the Greek sesamon seed or fruit belonging to the sesame plant. It is grown on account of its oil-rich seeds, which are available in variety of colors, which range from creamish white to charcoal black.

Sesame seeds are added in bread preparations, such as bagel and hamburger buns. They can be baked as crackers. They are sprinkled on sushi style of foods. Whole seeds can be found in salads as well as baked snacks. Grounded and processed sweets can be used in the preparation of sweet confectionaries.

East Asian cuisine items are prepared with it. The flavor of sesame seeds is also very popular in Korean cuisine and is used to marinate vegetables and meat.

Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

* The seeds contain sesamolin and sesamin substances that prevent blood pressure and protect the liver against damage.
* It contains a lot of Vitamin E and strengthens the heart as well as nervous system.
* Sesame oil is useful in removing wrinkles as well as other skin diseases when it is applied externally.
* It useful in removing the milk type of crust form from the head and face of an infant.
* A large amount of sesame seeds can help increase one’s weight because it contains a lot of calories.
* Half a cup of the sesame seeds contains more calcium than half cup of whole milk.
* Useful in removing wrinkles as well as other skin disease in case it is applied externally.
* When taken in large quantities one can increase one’s weight as it is high in calories.
* It helps in removing intestinal worms as well as pus formation, in one’s body.
* Sesame seeds contain a large amount of manganese, copper, calcium, tryptophan and magnesium. They also contain iron, phosphorous, vitamin B 1, zinc as well as vitamin E.
* Sesame seeds help in protecting the body from free radicals.
* Can reduce blood cholesterol.
* Improve the health of the heart.
* The immune system can be enhanced.
* The risk of malignancies is reduced.
* The are high in phytosterol content.