Vitamins for Healthy Hair

It is nice to have beautiful as well as healthy hair. Both men and women prefer their hair to look good. They always like to look good to the opposite sex. Like other parts of the body, hair also needs proper intake of nutrients derived from nutritious diet. Intake of Vitamins for Healthy Hair is the best way to go for a beautiful and shiny hair and we would discuss more about it in the article.

One must ensure that one has the best of diet and also sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals to keep hair in good shape. Healthy hair is possible when one’s foods habits are right. Intake of junk foods which contain no nutrition at all can affect the growth of the hair.

Vitamins for healthy hair
Top vitamins for healthy hair are:

* Lack of vitamin B in one’s diet can result oily as well as greasy hair.
* Whole grain, nuts, seeds, dairy products, legumes, wheatgerms contain a lot of B-complex vitamins.
* One must take a diet rich in anti-oxidants.
* Tofu, soya bean as well as misco is very good.
* Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, limes , lemon, berries as well as melons.
* Vitamin K is available seafood, figs, dairy, asparagus, figs, broccoli, brussel, lettuce, cabbage, sprouts, dark green leafy vegetables, soyabean, yoghurt, liver and egg yolk.

What kind of diet one must take for healthy hair?

* Hair is dry and breaks up easily incase one is taking less of fatty acids. Plenty of fatty acids provides sufficient nutrients for the hair.
* One can have seeds, avacodo, nuts as well as olives.
* Fish such as sardines, salmons, makeral, herrings etc are also good for health. One must have about 4 servings of oil fish every month.
* Sprinkling flaxseeds as well as pumpkin seeds over one’s cereals is also very good.
* The hair must be well hydrated.
* Foods rich in silica, oats, parsnips, lettuce, onion asparagus, strawberry, cucumber, cabbage, leek sunflower seeds, cauliflower as well as green leafy vegetables.

Proper diet and sufficient intake of vitamins is essential for healthy and lustrous hair growth.