Vitamins for Pimples

Pimples are a health condition that many face. Teenagers face this problem more on account of puberty or during the onset of menstruation. At the same time even adults, both men and women also suffer from acne also known as pimples.

Pimples can be very embarrassing and socially can cause much distress. Teenagers like to look good and are always trying to attract the opposite sex. They are very conscious of their appearance. The appearance of pimples on their face can embarrass them and also make them feel pretty low about it.

Men as well as women also do not like pimples on their face or other parts of their body. Professionals who have to interact with many like to appear attractive and naturally they would like to get rid of pimples.

Conventional methods of getting rid of pimples are there such as use of lotions, creams, medication. Diet also plays a major role in controlling pimples.

Vitamins for pimples
Top requirements of vitamins for pimples are:

* Beta-carotene must be taken in plenty. This is available in dark green and even in orange vegetables such as spinach as well as carrots.Vitamin A is very essential. This is found in apricots, carrots as well as mangoes, Vitamin A can also be had in liver as well as eggs.
* Vitamin E is good for the skin.
* Zinc can be had from skinless chicken lean meat, seeds, nuts etc.
* Polyunsaturated fats also can control the onset of pimples.

What kind of diet one must have for pimples?
Top requirements of diet for pimples are:

* One must drink plenty of water.
* One must avoid greasy foods.
* Junk food is not good as it is spicy and oily.
* Excessive sugary food is also not very good.
* One must have lean meat, chicken, nuts, shelfish, seeds, nuts as well as skimmed chicken.
* Avoid very sugary beverages.

A person who is taking proper diet and is going for regular exercise will definitely have a glowing skin. Pimples can be got rid of by ensuring proper diet control.