nutritious is gooseberry

The words of elders are like gooseberry: bitter at first, then sweet. This analogy best describes the taste of translucent, nutritious and wonderful gooseberry.

Do you know that gooseberry is the most abundant source of Vitamin C among all fruits and vegetables? It contains 20 times more Vitamin C than the juicy orange. Surprised! But it’s true.

It’s no wonder that Herbal and Ayurvedic solutions and shampoo manufacturers highlight the presence of gooseberry in their product because it has been found useful for hair, skin and overall health.

Herbal products nowadays are full of gooseberry as people are shifting from chemical based solutions to herbal ones.

Apart from full with Vitamin C, gooseberry contains calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin B complex, iron, fiber and carotene. 80% of gooseberry is water. It also contains gallic acid and acetic acid.

Another very important and unique property of gooseberry is that upon cooking the content of Vitamin C does not get reduced as in other fruits or vegetables.

Gooseberry can be consumed in powdered form, juice or as a green and raw fruit. Gooseberry juice mixed with some honey is very effective in improving eyesight.

It is very helpful in curing digestion and liver disorders.